Healthy forests for a changing world

The Center for Forest Provenance Data is a place for researchers to go to archive their data from provenance and genecology studies of forest trees and make those data available for collaboration with other researchers.

Provenance and genecology studies consider genetic variation among forest trees from different source locations by growing them in replicated tests in a common environment such that observed differences are primarily due to genotype and not the environment. Consistent differences among sources that are associated with environmental gradients are indicative of adaptively significant variation. Provenance and genecology studies are important for understanding genetic variation across the landscape and for managing genetic resources for reforestation, restoration, gene conservation, and responding to climate change.

The Center for Forest Provenance Data has sections for submitting and retrieving data from the database. There is also a search tool for determining studies that are currently in the database.

To submit or retrieve data, you will be asked to create a profile including a username and password for logging onto the site. Creating a profile provides us with contact information that will allow us to contact you with questions or updates. The contact information will not be used for purposes unrelated to managing the database.

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